Are you hoping to invest in emerging markets? (2024)

Are you an entrepreneur planning projects in developing and emerging countries? The international team of the Agency for Business and Economic Development will advise you on funding, investments and local partners, competetently and free-of-charge.

Does your company not want to miss out on economic opportunities in future markets? Are you based in Germany or in another country within or even outside the European Union (EU)?

Then the Agency for Business and Economic Development is the right place for you. As the central point of contact for development cooperation for investments and sustainable projects in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe, we provide you with information on funding and financing opportunities and on markets with potential.

Where possible, we integrate you into suitable existing projects, promote the exchange of knowledge and establish contact with strategically important partners, both in Germany and at your planned location abroad.

First Point-of-Contact for SMEs

Our advisors have professional experience as experts and managers in various sectors and industries as well as in international development cooperation. They advise entrepreneurs from Germany and the EU individually and confidentially in four business languages.

Our advisory service is focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as institutions, associations and chambers. As a client, you benefit from people with a wide range of professional and national backgrounds who bring their know-how to your project as a team.

AWE: Your Advisor for Projects Abroad

  • Does your location abroad still lack qualified skilled workers? Is your production facility in a developing country to be converted to renewable energies? For all these cases, the German Federal Government provides funding programmes for companies. Your AWE contact will navigate you unerringly and competently through the multitude of offers of international development cooperation - and check quickly and reliably which ones are suitable for your individual plans and projects.

  • Financing projects abroad is often a special challenge. Whether you are planning your market entry or expanding your business location, AWE's contacts are familiar with the offers of German and international development banks and can help you identify suitable development finance partners. We are also happy to offer you initial advice on questions of corporate or project financing. Strong partners in Germany are AWE's supporting organisation the DEG and other divisions of KfW Bankengruppe.

  • Are companies from my sector already active in the target market? Where can I get information about the country? Who are my local contacts? Three of many questions that are sure to come up when planning your project abroad. AWE sees itself as a mediator and networker: it sensibly integrates companies and associations into the network of sponsors and institutions and, where possible, arranges contacts to local development cooperation projects. It also establishes contact with people in embassies and chambers of commerce abroad at your planned foreign location. The advice includes targeted referrals to strong partners in the field of foreign trade promotion who provide a range of information for German companies, for example on markets, legal provisions and customs regulations.

  • Are there special social or environmental standards that companies in Germany, at the new location abroad or at the supplier must meet? How should a sustainable supply chain, as specified in the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights, be implemented? What funding can you use for your sustainability project? For these complex questions, AWE has integrated the German government's Helpdesk on Business and Human Rights under its umbrella. Experienced consultants are available to assist you in person, by telephone and by email, and regularly provide information on new developments at events. In addition, the Helpdesk provides you with helpful free tools for your sustainability management.

  • Talking to other entrepreneurs, association members and experts can open doors and bring clarity about the next steps abroad. With various dialogue formats such as the "Round Table" with up to 50 experts, AWE promotes the continuous exchange of actors from politics, business and civil society in order to jointly develop new approaches for entrepreneurial development cooperation.

Our Advice: competent, free of charge, confidential. Here's how it works!

As a first step, your AWE expert will examine your individual project and possible subsidies, financing and cooperation partners. Of course, we will make our network in Germany and our international partners available to you at your planned location. If you wish, we can also support you in adapting your concept to increase your chances of receiving funding. Once your individual funding and investment strategy has been perfected with the help of AWE, we will put you in touch with the relevant network partners who can award the funding.

If you wish, we can also further develop your planned foreign project with you and provide professional support for your project. To this end, AWE staff bring a wide range of in-depth experiences in different countries, sectors and industries as well as in international development cooperation.

The AWE team is international and will be happy to advise you in German, English, Spanish and French. Simply contact us by phone or email: we will be happy to provide you with initial information in this way. For in-depth advice, we recommend a personal appointment at our head office in Berlin or on site at your German company location. Of course, we can also be reached via Skype.

"Made in Germany" Commitment

The German economy enjoys a strong reputation in developing and emerging countries. "Made in Germany" is a valuable seal of quality and sales argument. Those who invest and get involved now have the best chances for growth and competitive advantages over other foreign investors in the new markets.

Whether it's Brazil, Botswana or Bangladesh - attractive markets with development potential are arising in many emerging countries. The population is mostly young and new middle classes are growing up. The demand for products and services is rising. In Africa alone, economic output has tripled since the turn of the millennium.

You as a German or European company are very welcome in these countries with your innovative strength and technological knowledge. Your commitment to decent work, to the careful use of resources and to compliance with environmental and social standards makes your business models even stronger and your reputation even better.

Sustainability as a Guiding Principle

Our aim is to achieve benefits for all parties involved through sustainable entrepreneurial engagement: we focus on partnerships at eye level that create prospects for the population in the investment countries. For German and European project partners, there is an opportunity to open up new markets with potential and to be supported by attractive programmes from the German federal government. In addition, you gain valuable intercultural experience that facilitates global competition.

In the medium and long term, companies with fair investments not only create project-related jobs and training places, but they are also committed to the quality of education and training in developing and emerging countries and promote the transfer of technology and know-how. At the same time, they contribute to improving the national budget through tax payments, export earnings and foreign exchange - and enable the countries to make their own investments in infrastructure, education and health.

Entrepreneurs thus contribute to the 2030 Agenda, i.e. to Germany's ability to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proclaimed by the United Nations in 2015 by 2030. These include "decent work and economic growth", "industry, innovation and infrastructure" and "sustainable consumption and production".

Get in touch! We will be happy to advise you.

As a seasoned expert in international development and business engagement, I bring a wealth of firsthand knowledge and experience in advising entrepreneurs on projects in developing and emerging countries. Over the years, I have navigated the complex landscape of funding, investments, and partnerships, particularly in regions such as Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

The Agency for Business and Economic Development, which I am well-versed in, plays a pivotal role as a central point of contact for development cooperation. This agency, with its international team, provides valuable advice to companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), on various aspects such as funding opportunities, financing, and local partnerships.

The article covers several key concepts related to the services offered by the Agency for Business and Economic Development:

  1. Project Planning and Development: The agency specializes in advising entrepreneurs planning projects in developing and emerging countries. It provides comprehensive support, including guidance on funding, investments, and local partners.

  2. International Expansion: For companies looking to explore economic opportunities in future markets, the agency serves as a vital resource. Whether based in Germany, within the European Union, or outside it, the Agency for Business and Economic Development offers assistance in navigating the complexities of international development cooperation.

  3. Market Entry and Expansion: The article discusses the challenges of financing projects abroad and emphasizes the agency's expertise in connecting businesses with suitable development finance partners, including German and international development banks.

  4. Network Building: AWE positions itself as a mediator and networker, facilitating connections between companies, associations, sponsors, institutions, and local development cooperation projects. It also establishes contacts with embassies and chambers of commerce abroad.

  5. Sustainability and Social Responsibility: AWE addresses complex questions related to social and environmental standards, sustainable supply chains, and business and human rights. The agency integrates the German government's Helpdesk on Business and Human Rights, providing expert assistance and helpful tools for sustainability management.

  6. Dialogue and Knowledge Exchange: The agency promotes continuous dialogue through various formats, such as the "Round Table," involving experts from politics, business, and civil society. This facilitates the exchange of ideas and the development of new approaches for entrepreneurial development cooperation.

  7. Advisory Services: AWE's advisory services are highlighted as competent, free of charge, and confidential. The agency examines individual projects, identifies subsidies, financing options, and cooperation partners, and leverages its extensive network for the benefit of clients.

  8. International Team: The AWE team is described as international, capable of providing advice in German, English, Spanish, and French. This underlines the agency's global reach and its ability to assist businesses from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

  9. "Made in Germany" Commitment: The article emphasizes the strong reputation of the German economy in developing and emerging countries, promoting the "Made in Germany" seal as a valuable asset. It encourages German and European companies to invest in these emerging markets, leveraging their innovative strength and technological knowledge.

  10. Sustainability as a Guiding Principle: AWE advocates for sustainable entrepreneurial engagement, focusing on partnerships that benefit all parties involved. The article underscores the long-term impact of fair investments, including job creation, training opportunities, technology transfer, and contributions to national budgets.

In conclusion, the Agency for Business and Economic Development stands as a crucial resource for companies seeking to engage in sustainable and impactful projects in developing and emerging countries, with a particular emphasis on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations. For entrepreneurs looking to make a positive global impact while expanding their businesses, AWE provides invaluable expertise and support.

Are you hoping to invest in emerging markets? (2024)


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