Creamy One-Pot Pasta With Chicken and Mushrooms Recipe (2024)



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This was very good, but I agree with others that it needs additional spices. When I made it, I used 2 tsp dry thyme, 1 tsp dry oregano, 1/2 tsp dry marjoram, 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp pepper and it turned out very well.

Also, instead of cooking the chicken as he directs, I used half a rotisserie chicken and threw in the meat about 2 minutes before the pasta was done. I also added a box of baby spinach shortly after I added the chicken, and I think that worked well.


Great recipe base with one MAJOR flaw. I've been making risotto for 20 years and not once in the history of risotto have I added raw meat at the end. I diced the chicken thigh pretty small and even so it took a good 15 minutes to get done. If you like purple, medium rare chicken prepare it per the recipe, otherwise do it like a risotto and cook the chicken first before adding it back at the end. Otherwise this is a great recipe and good jumping off point for future variations.


I make this recipe regularly, it's subtle and a welcome change from red-sauce pastas. Bittman's recipes are always "as you like it." I add some oregano and chili flakes with the garlic, and this time a bayleaf. It benefits from flavorful homemade broth. A squirt of lemon at the end with some parm, and maybe peas or sundried tomato to impart added color and flavor. I also used some dried mushrooms in the mix tonight and added the mushroom soaking water, gave it a nice depth.


Small tweaks make this amazing and flavorful. Before starting the pasta, I cooked some pancetta in the pan and then browned the chicken (dredged in flour and spices) in the pancetta fat, put on plate to rest. Added a little more oil and proceeded as directed — adding a splash of worcestershire to the mushrooms, then fresh black pepper, sundried tomato paste, thyme/oregano, spinach, squeeze of lemon.

Meredith Hardy

Delicious - perhaps one of the finest recipes here. Took the recommendation of other posters and browned boneless, skinless thighs in the same pan first. Enough fat rendered with olive oil to provide a solid base for the veggies. Used a larger onion and more garlic than called for, plus fresh thyme leaves. I added the chicken (diced) back one the pasta was cooked near al dente. Many cracks of pepper and some fresh grated parm resulted in a superb Sunday supper.


This is a family favorite, the recipe that got us hooked on NYT's cooking site. Sadly, I've not been able to make a vegetarian version since the chicken seems important to create the sauce, and it's just not the same with all mushrooms. You do need the salt in the broth to get it seasoned right. We double the amount of mushrooms and chicken, and consider it pretty foolproof.


I love this and it is part of my weekly rotation. However, as I do not eat meat, I substitute shrimp...


Sautéed chicken first, then added with the last ladle of stock.Subbed Marsala wine for white and I'm really glad I did. Perhaps my favorite NYT Cooking recipe so far.


I have to weigh in here. This was good, not great. The chicken tasted bland and the dish could have used more herbs or seasoning--maybe the addition of some fresh tarragon or oregano. If I make this again, I'd use twice as many shallots, add fresh tarragon at the end, and I would marinate the chicken in a bit of olive oil and garlic, or olive oil/lemon/garlic, to give it a bit more flavor. I'd also saute the chicken first, and then add it later at the end to give it a bit of a sear.


Make sure to add hot broth, not cold or room temperature broth.Because of minimal amount of water used, the pasta cooking time will be longer than what's stated in the box.I prefer to add enough liquid to just cover the pasta, then close the lid and let it cook by having the past absorb all the hot liquid. By stirring constantly you may not cook every single pasta.


I found this to be delicious and easy. I went heavy on the shallots & garlic, based on notes that the result could be bland. I also took the advice of another cook who threw in a box of spinach along with the chicken, and that worked well (though reduced the amount of stock needed). The flavors of the wine, garlic and parmesan came together nicely. I'm looking forward to having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Diana Thompson Vincelli

I made this last night -vegetarian. I used gemelli w/ veg broth, mushrooms, spinach, a bit of sun-dried tomatoes, and to increase the protein, stirred in 2 heaping tablespoons of soft goat cheese. Delicious!


Fantastic. Cook meat first, add back at end. Subbed marsala wine for white. Added thyme during cooking and parsley for garnish. Perhaps my favorite NYT recipe.


This recipe has become a go-to for years. I enjoy adding some halved cherry tomatoes around the same time as the pasta, which adds acidity and brightness.


Used half the amount of pasta (cooking for two), but kept mushroom/shallot/garlic and wine measurements. Half crimini, half sh*take. Used half the amount of broth, substituted pre-cooked chicken sausages, stirred in a box of baby spinach and tons of chopped parsley toward the end. Finished with grated parm. A+++

Cindy S

Adding fresh lemon juice once off the heat added the acid this recipe needed. Will make again and again. And I used the dried mushrooms you can get at Costco in a big jar; reconstituted for 20 minutes. Then used that liquid mixed with chicken stock for the liquid.


Chicken tetrazzini without the creamy sauce.


I did not find this technique to be worth the effort. I found myself wishing for some pasta water to help the sauce come together. Not creamy, and kind of boring, even with thyme and oregano thrown in.


Assuming the wine goes in at the start of adding the liquids?

Jane H.G.

This recipe is terrific with large or xl shrimp

Jane Brody

What a great easy one pan dinner! Delicious. I flavored it with thyme and oregano and used dry vermouth rather than white wine. I floured the chicken thighs and fried them after the mushrooms and onions were done adding olive oil to the pan. While the thighs were crispy on the outside but still pink, I removed the crispy skin, cut the chicken into bitesize pieces, and put the pieces into the mushroom pasta blend to finish them. When I served, I cut the crispy skin up & put it on top of the dish.

bills note

Fry pancetta with onions and garlic. Double the mushrooms. Add asparagus with the mushrooms or add spinach when you add the chicken. Add red pepper flakes with the chicken. In


Love this recipe. Herbs de Provence works well with the umami flavors. Often add spinach or greens to make it a more nutritionally complete meal. Adding dried soaked porcini's and using their broth as part of the cooking broth makes it even more robust and improves the appearance by making it a little darker. Has anyone added fennel yet? Or how about a leek instead of the shallot? Curious.


This was amazing! Restaurant quality. Fresh pasta, no chicken. Add fresh thyme and a bay leaf, truffle salt at end.


A very nice recipe, good, not great. Like others, I would add more herbs, more onions and more garlic.


Used what I had, .5 red wine vinegar, 1/2 water for white wine, pre cooked chicken, added artichoke hearts and spinach, herbs de Provence and red pepper flakes, lemon zest and 1/2 lemon juice and was amazing!!


Delicious. Thanks to others comments. I quickly seared the chicken in the olive oil and then removed. I used shiitake, maitake and cremini mushrooms and a little more than 2 cups - also added some chopped thyme. Needed to add another tablespoon of olive oil to coat the pasta when added. Finished it in the pot by adding back the chicken and some grated parm. Delicious. This fed two of us as a main course. Left out the parsley.

Jo Beth Speyer

I made this tonight, taking into account comments by others, concerning cooking the chicken ahead of time, and using additional shallots, garlic, and spices. I discovered that cooking penne at altitude (we are at 7200 feet) makes it a longer process. While the finished product was delicious, it took a lot longer than 45 minutes. I will use a different pasta next time.

Steve D.

Definitely double the mushrooms!


If you find, mid-prep, the pantry lacks the broth/bullion (that you swore was there): excavate some white miso paste from the fridge, add a hefty chunk of it to the water (hot), a tablespoon of fish sauce, a bit of oyster sauce if you have it - proceed. The mushroom sauce will still be lovely with only a hint of the miso. So surprisingly good, it might be worth trying intentionally. This solid recipe invites endless invention.

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Creamy One-Pot Pasta With Chicken and Mushrooms Recipe (2024)


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