Discover Ivry-sur-Seine: A Vibrant City of Transformation and Opportunity (2023)

Embracing Diversity and History

Nestled in the heart of the Île-de-France region, Ivry-sur-Seine stands out with a unique and dynamic identity forged from its rich history and strong values of solidarity and hospitality. A true laboratory of citizenship and inclusion, Ivry is a city dedicated to the emancipation and fulfillment of everyone. Today, amidst urban and demographic transitions, Ivry is undergoing a renaissance, committed to a comprehensive and balanced development project encompassing residential areas, economic activities, and public amenities.

Urban Evolution: Ivry in Transition

Ivry-sur-Seine is immersed in a significant urban evolution, revitalizing former industrial sites. The municipality spearheads a development and modernization project, harmonizing economic activities, housing options, facilities, and public spaces. This transformation, conducted in consultation with the community, not only accommodates the population growth but also ensures a pleasant living environment.

By 2030, Ivry envisions the construction of approximately 7,000 residences, 2 new schools, 1 college, 3 nurseries, 2 sports facilities, and various public amenities. The Ivry Confluences Development Zone alone plans over 5,000 family homes.

Cultural Oasis: Ivry's Commitment to the Arts

Culture is an essential tool for empowerment, and Ivry-sur-Seine has long championed a rich and diverse public cultural service. The city boasts numerous municipal facilities and partner structures, including a cinema, two municipal libraries, four theaters (including a National Drama Center), a municipal conservatory of music and dance, and an art gallery.

These cultural offerings emphasize accessibility, reaching all age groups. The city hosts cultural events during school periods, enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike.

Sporting Spirit: Uniting Ivry Through Sports

Recognizing sports as a catalyst for social cohesion and values like solidarity, Ivry places a strong emphasis on making sports accessible to everyone. With over 7,000 members in three clubs (Omnisport, handball, and football), Ivry has been designated as a "Terre de jeux 2024," highlighting its commitment to sports at all levels.

The city boasts around 30 municipal sports facilities, with plans for additional facilities like a versatile gymnasium and two sports parks along the Seine by 2025.

Green Ivry: Sustainable Urban Development

Ivry-sur-Seine embraces a thoughtful urban development approach, responding to current environmental challenges. The city actively addresses climate change, ecologically manages public spaces, preserves biodiversity, and develops green areas for relaxation and recreation. With over 70 hectares of public green spaces, Ivry-sur-Seine earned the 2019 label "Territoires engagés pour la Nature" for its commitment to nature in the city and sustainable development.

Business Hub: Ivry's Strategic Location

Strategically positioned in the Île-de-France region, Ivry-sur-Seine attracts businesses seeking a central location. Leveraging its industrial past, the city hosts various business zones and has witnessed the establishment of several corporate headquarters and service companies in recent years.

Supporting local businesses, Ivry encourages economic growth, particularly in the social and solidarity economy. The city features three markets, nearly 900 merchants and artisans, and provides nine municipal halls for various events.

A Tapestry of History: Ivry's Evolution

Ivry-sur-Seine's journey from an agricultural village to an industrial hub during the 20th century reflects a rich history. Shaped by industrialization, the city transformed into a bustling urban center. Despite the challenges of deindustrialization in the 1970s, Ivry's innovative municipal communism, marked by social and humanistic values, has left a lasting impact.

With approximately 10% of public places named after women (compared to the national average of 2%), Ivry-sur-Seine celebrates diversity and progress. To delve deeper into the city's history, the Archives-Patrimoine service at the Hôtel de Ville offers resources, documentation, and thematic exhibitions.

Connected City: Ivry's Transportation Network

Ivry-sur-Seine boasts a well-connected transportation network, promoting accessibility and connectivity with neighboring cities in the Île-de-France region. The city is actively engaged in a comprehensive urban development project, fostering coexistence between cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists while prioritizing sustainable modes of transportation.

With 17 Vélib stations, approximately 16 km of cycling routes, two metro stations, one renovated RER C station, eight bus lines, two night bus lines, and a tramway (T9), Ivry ensures seamless mobility for its residents.

In conclusion, Ivry-sur-Seine is not just a city; it's a dynamic tapestry of history, culture, sports, and sustainable development. This article provides a glimpse into the city's multifaceted evolution, emphasizing its commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and a vibrant future. Explore Ivry-sur-Seine, where every street tells a story, and every initiative shapes a legacy.


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